Company History

Rick Woodall started Woodall Financial Group in 2000. The business was started to address a critical missing link in the investment and planning business. With so many products being offered by banks, fund companies, and insurance firms, it was decided that being a broker with access to everyone’s products was a much better solution for clients. One provider cannot possibly have the best of everything all the time. With life insurance, Gics, pensions and investments…..we need to shop the entire market to get our clients the best value and have the tools in place to ensure clients get the most for their hard earned money. This is an ongoing commitment and we will continue to forge new relationships with credit unions, insurance companies, banks, estate lawyers and tax professionals whenever we feel we can help our clients with better solutions. Our business has grown substantially and our clients refer their friends and family to us regularly. We take this as a clear sign that we are doing things well.
My real passion and hobby is building and flying airplanes. In 2012 my wife and I flew to California up to BC and crossed the Rockies in a small airplane I built. What an adventure and great way to spend 9 days. It is something I cannot get enough of and I love sharing my hobby with children and adults. If you ever wish to go flying …just ask!

More About Rick

If you trust me and my team to manage your financial affairs, it is only fair you know a little about me and how I do things. I was born in Windsor. I worked in our family business growing up and learned how hard work is rewarded and that money has to be earned. Wealth and security seldom just happen. After graduating from the University of Windsor, I operated my own successful businesses and enjoyed the successes of hard work and learned to save and invest money.

I have always enjoyed making money work, and after having a falling out with my financial advisor in the late 90s, I decided I could do better managing it myself. I enjoyed it so much I decided it was the career path I wanted to follow.

I respect education, so I decided formal training was in order if I was going to make a career change and manage other people’s life savings. I completed my Canadian Securities Courses, my life insurance courses and took and completed the entire certified financial planner’s courses before I started working in this industry. I did a lot of research on where I wanted to start my career. I did not want to work at an office where I was pushed to sell their brand of fund or product. I did not want a manager telling me what I had to push on my clients. That was just not my style or in the best interest of my clients.

I went out on my own and started from scratch as a truly independent advisor in 2000. Since that time I have earned my CFP® (Certified Financial Planner) designation, earned my EPC (Elder Planning Councillor) and also my "Branch Manager" designation. I love my job and when we meet and start discussing how I can help, my passion for the business shows. I often put in some really long days as I truly enjoy it. Clients love the way I sort through the financial maze for them and give them information, choices and wise direction. I have so many truly wonderful clients I could not ask for a more rewarding career.

I am happily married to my wife Tanya (17 years +), and have two children. I am very active in the community and you can find me sitting on various boards, coaching sports, and volunteering for various roles on a regular basis. In my free time I enjoy all outdoor sports and quality time with friends and family by a pool, beach or bbq.