How can I help you???


My role is simple. I am your money coach, and your financial quarterback along the way. It is my job to bring the knowledge and products to the table to get you on track and keep you on track to living the life you want to lead. It is about money…but not just money. It is about freedom and flexibility. It is about you being able to make the choices and have the confidence to know you made the best choice at each crossroad along the way. Through all your life stages (young just starting out, married, raising children, possible career shakeups, promotions and buy outs, family issues, health issues, building wealth, protecting wealth, enjoying wealth, passing along wealth). It is my job to help you balance goals and objectives for the best possible outcomes that meet or exceed your needs.


I will help you with the following:


  • Figure out where you are at right now financially and where you need to be.
  • Have you ever had an advisor help you do a balance sheet to see exactly where you are financially today?
  • Build a safety net for events you cannot control.
  • Debt management strategies.
  • Reduce and or eliminate toxic debt and learn how to convert bad debt to good debt.
  • Tax planning to minimize what disappears today and down the road.
  • Is your financial engine running as efficiently as possible?
  • Education planning and structuring to benefit from government grants, and have maximum flexibility.
  • Retirement – It is all about doing what you want to do, when you want to do it. Freedom and flexibility. Structuring your affairs so that you are not watching the stock market daily. You need to know you are secure. Knowing your income stream and understanding the way your portfolio was built, is key at this point in your life.
  • Estate planning – We will look at how your affairs are set up and what you wish to leave as a legacy. If left as is, are you leaving too much to the tax man and a mess for your spouse or kids to struggle cleaning up? An open frank discussion on your wishes and ensuring your will, power of attorney, medical directives are all current, clear and as you wish is critical. This area of planning is a huge value to my clients.
  • With your assets, you need to have a full understanding of the pros and cons of different courses of action. There is no one perfect solution. Usually a blend of products is the ideal path. Seldom does one firm or one product provide the custom fit you need.

Now before you get all concerned that this whole process seems overwhelming…..relax. This is my job and I am very good at it. It is what I do. If this is what you are searching for, call and let us start with the FIRST MEETING. It does not have to be done overnight. It’s a process we work through and it is constantly evolving as various events in your life play out. It is a work in progress and I will drive the plan. You just commit to following through and leave the heavy lifting to me and my team.

Certified Financial Planner®

Why It Matters

Certified financial planner (CFP®) is the premier designation you can earn in my field and is recognized worldwide. It shows a serious level of commitment to training and growth by the advisor and proves that not only is the advisor a trained professional, but they are knowledgeable enough to have passed the 6 hour national exam after the years of courses. Sadly in the investment industry there are all sorts of designations, many of which you can get by doing a short course online or paying a small fee. CFP® is your assurance that I not only take my job seriously…but I have the skill set to walk the walk.

I am not interested in simply selling you an investment. That is basic and can be done anywhere. There is so much more that I can do that will pay dividends to you and your family for many years. My job is to sort through the newest tax rules, government policy changes, and new products and ensure you have access to the things that will benefit you. I take my education seriously and put a lot of time into staying up to date on the latest changes that can be implemented.

You and your family will benefit significantly from my job being well done. If you are interested in talking about the pros and cons of investment funds, GIC’s, index investing, guaranteed products, tax free savings accounts etc. just write down your questions and let’s have a talk. I don’t just SELL products. My responsibility to you requires that I drill down deeper so that we both know that we have found the right solution…and it fits your needs and continues to fit your needs as your situation evolves.

The Next Step


I do want to grow my business and I do wish to have more clients. BUT…the truth of the matter is that I can only do a very good job for a certain number of people. There is no fee to line up an initial meeting and sit down for a discussion. You will be required to bring a few things with you, as well as be open to discussing your present situation with me.

I will ask you questions, and I hope you will ask me some questions. Our meeting is 100% confidential. We will see how we fit. If we both agree that we feel we can work together then we move forward. If either of us feels that we are not a good fit working together, we part ways and any documents in my possession are returned or shredded and we shake hands. It is that simple. If we feel we both can work together to benefit you and your family, we line up a planning meeting. I will draft up an outline of what I can do for you and what I require from you for our relationship to move you forward financially.

Really… it is this simple to get financially on track. It sounds too good to be true to some new clients. That is unfortunate. They have been stuck with only one brand or one product line at a bank or large investment office. Often the fees they have paid for lack luster products and poor service has left them a little jaded. Our office will change that! We offer the very best GIC rates, we offer access to the lowest priced life insurance, We offer access to all the big fund firms including the banks and with local professional service and a lot of service extras thrown in. It is a value proposition that you cannot beat. My Team welcomes your call. We look forward to sitting down and seeing how we can help make a positive change to your balance sheet now and help you grow your wealth and your security going forward. It is what we do! Make a change and let us get started getting you where you should be.