Referrals: What you need to know about them


I will say my business is built almost entirely on referrals. I have many clients who have been very happy and have brought in family members or friends and asked me to help them out. I do hope that over time you are 100% happy and so comfortable with how my team helps you that you do pass my name along and help me continue to grow my business. I have been fortunate to be successful …and my clients have been instrumental in helping me grow. I appreciate your trust, and I appreciate it when you pass my name along to others you feel I can benefit with my skills and resources.



At the present time I do not charge any hourly fees or financial planning fees to personal clients. I include this service at no additional cost to clients provided you do all of your investment and insurance work through my office. I am a pension consultant and also have been retained to provide independent financial reviews for non-clients and I do charge for those services. All fees will be documented and agreed to prior to any work being completed.

So, how do I get paid and pay my team?


Great question! It always surprises me how few people ask. Anytime you purchase an investment, insurance product or gic there is a commission paid to the seller. Even NO LOAD bank funds have commissions; they are in the form of ongoing trailer fees. Nobody works for free. We will do our best to build your financial solutions that offer the very best fit to your needs. As part of my service to you, it is my responsibility to ensure that you are aware of how I get paid. It is my obligation to ensure you receive the very best you can for your hard earned money. We will have several conversations over our first few meeting to ensure you are aware of how my office is compensated. I often use indexes, no load and even a special class of investments to ensure clients get excellent value. With insurance products we find you the lowest rate that suits. With GICs, highest interest rate with the best terms for you. Why settle for average when you can select the best of the best in each solution.