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Growing up in a family business, and starting and running several of my own over the years has been a great learning experience. I intimately know how hard being a business owner can be. The ups and downs, the cash flow issues, market cycles, partnership issues, litigation issues, taxes, receivables, even labour issues can all seem insurmountable at times.

On the other side, when things do go well, properly planning to extract wealth, protect your assets and your key people is critical. Buy sell arrangements, setting up health benefit programs and pension or group RRSP accounts may be a step you are currently reviewing.

If your firm now has health benefits, group RRSPs or a pension plan in place a qualified review of what you are paying in costs (hidden or not) and what you are receiving is just a prudent step to good management.

If you are a business owner, or key person you likely have some unique opportunities and planning issues. Carefully reviewing the options available and getting some qualified second opinions will likely serve you well. With any meeting, discretion is assured. This is another key reason I have selected to maintain a fairly small office. I do not like the large firms where everyone seems to know everyone’s business. Windsor is a small town and you can trust that your affairs are nobody’s business and will stay that way.

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